2001 Minutes of the PSCF Annual Meeting

Notes provided by PSCF President Ira Lee Riddle.

Meeting was called to order at 9:31 a.m. by President Ira Lee Riddle.

Currently, we have about $3500 in savings, a little over $1000 in checking, and a certificate of deposit for $2500. The CD is to ensure that the Life Membership responsibility is fully funded. Currently, we have 31 Life members. The checking account does not earn interest, while the savings account does. When the CD matures in October, it will be increased to $3100 to cover all the Life members.

Dan Heisman presented copies of his proposed by-laws to the PSCF constitution dealing with scholastic committee set-up and composition. The proposals were accepted unanimously.

The membership reluctantly accepted the resignation/retirement of PSCF treasurer Al Breaux, Jr., who has served the PSCF for 21 years or so. Al feels that he is getting away from chess and has no hard feelings at all towards the PSCF. Stan Booz of Warrington was nominated and elected to the now-vacant post of treasurer. Stan is a CPA and also a member of the USCF Finance Committee. (In fact, the finance committee was expanded last year in order to put him on it!)

Dues were discussed. It is probable that the PennsWoodPusher will have a new editor sometime early next year. The size may also be increased, either in pages or physical size of the magazine. In order to plan for that, adult dues may be raised from $5 to $10, effective March 1st, 2002. However, this is not definite until we see how much an increased size of magazine would cost. Dues could go up to an amount less than $10, or maybe not go up at all.

Two bids were talked about for next year's state tournament. Both State College and Lancaster are interested in hosting the event. They were both asked to submit bids to PSCF President Riddle by October 1st, with the final decision to be made by November 1st.

Overall, the tournament made a small profit, which was shared three ways: Allentown Chess Club, St. Luke's Church, and the PSCF.

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