2002 Minutes of the PSCF Annual Meeting

The 2002 PSCF Annual Membership Meeting was held between rounds one and two of the PSCF Pennsylvania State Chess Championship in Camp Hill, PA, on September 28, 2002.

The Meeting was called to order by PSCF President Dr. Ira Lee Riddle at 1:46 PM.

Officers present:

There were 35 PSCF members present.

It was noted that the Secretary was not present and minutes were to be taken by Neil Brennen.

The old minutes, as published, were approved.

In the absence of the Treasurer, Ira Lee Riddle delivered the PSCF Treasurer's report. PSCF Account Balances as of 9/28/02:

The certificate is maturing shortly. The PSCF continues to be in good financial circumstances.

The bi-annual election of officers was held. There was only one nominee for each elected officer position, and thus no vote was taken.

The new officers of the PSCF are:

Tom Martinak applied for Pittsburgh to host the the 2003 PSCF Pennsylvania State Chess Championship. In the absence of a rival bid, Pittsburgh was awarded the right to host the tournament for 2003.

Neil Brennen reminded the membership attending the meeting that the Pennwoodpusher was the PSCF's magazine, and that contributions of publishable material were welcome.

There was no new business.

Ira Lee Riddle closed the meeting at 1:53 PM.

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