Constitution of the Pennsylvania State Chess Federation

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Pennsylvania State Chess Federation (PSCF).

Article II - Purpose

The purpose of the PSCF is to promote chess on all levels in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This is accomplished by tournaments and the dissemination of information through the PSCF’s publication(s), and by any other means deemed advisable. The PSCF is committed to improving chess at the scholastic level.

Article III - Membership

Membership shall be open to any chess player upon payment of dues as established by the By-Laws of this Constitution. Clubs, organizations, and computer programs may also become members by payment of dues as established.

Article IV - Officers

Section A - Elected Officers

  1. The Elected Officers, along with their duties are as follows:

    1. President: Ensure smooth operation of the PSCF, preside over the Annual Membership Meeting, represent the PSCF in dealings with the USCF, disseminate information to the members via the PSCF publication(s), name an official slate of nominees for USCF Delegate and Alternate Delegate positions, appoint any necessary committee chairmen/officers, and assume any other duties as needed.

    2. Vice-President(s): Preside over the Annual Membership Meeting in the absence of the President, succeed to the President's office should a vacancy occur, assume whatever other responsibilities are assigned.

    3. Secretary: Take minutes at the Annual Membership Meeting, succeed to Vice-President's office if necessary.

    4. Treasurer: Manage the fiscal matters of the PSCF.

    5. Scholastic Coordinator(s): Manage the scholastic activities of the PSCF.

  2. Term of office shall be two years, with election in even-numbered years at the Annual Membership Meeting.

  3. An officer may succeed him/herself if so elected.

Section B - Appointed Officers

  1. The President shall appoint any officers necessary.

  2. Terms of such appointees shall be at the President's discretion.

  3. Such officers are representatives of the PSCF.

  4. Such officers are part of the Executive Board and shall have votes in all matters.

Article V - Meetings

The Annual Membership Meeting shall be held during the time allotted for the State Championships. It shall not be scheduled during a playing time. Admission shall be by PSCF Membership Card.

Article VI - Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board shall consist of the Elected and appointed officers.

  2. The Executive Board shall recommend actions to the members present at the Annual Membership Meeting.

  3. The Executive Board shall meet at times scheduled by the President. A quorum shall be three members.

Article VII - Committees

The President shall establish any necessary committees and appoint their chairmen.

Article VIII - Disbandment

Should the PSCF be disbanded, its assets shall be converted to cash and donated to Chess In Schools or the USCF Charitable Trust, in order to insure that educational goals will continue to be met.

Article IX - Parliamentary Authority

Except where otherwise indicated by this Constitution or any By-laws, Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority of the PSCF.

Article X - Amendments

  1. This Constitution may be amended by a 2/3 vote of those present at a Membership meeting or by a 2/3 vote of all PSCF members in a mail vote.

  2. By-Laws may be added or amended by a majority of those present at a Membership meeting.

By-Laws of the Pennsylvania State Chess Federation

  1. Annual Dues shall be as follows:


  2. The State Championship shall be held over Labor Day weekend or in late August at a site to be rotated as equitably as possible among the Eastern, Central, and Western parts of the Commonwealth. Exceptions to this rule may be allowed only upon a majority vote of those present at a Membership meeting.

  3. The PSCF shall be an affiliate of the USCF.

  4. If possible, the PSCF shall sponsor other tournaments, such as 30/30, Action, Blitz, Team, Scholastic.

By-Laws of Pennsylvania Scholastic Chess

Adopted August 26, 2001

Article I - Organization/Definition

Pennsylvania Scholastic Chess (PASC) is a part of the not-for-profit Pennsylvania State Chess Federation (PSCF), which in turn is the official state organization in the United States Chess Federation (USCF). All members of the PASC Organization are "volunteer" members who either have agreed to an appointment or have volunteered and been appointed.

Article II - Scope

These By-Laws guide PASC activities, organization, and resources. PASC is involved with scholastic chess activities for grades 12 and below ("scholastic chess") within the state of Pennsylvania. This includes public and private schools, and chess clubs that have scholastic members, and home-schooled students who have not graduated high school. These By-Laws are subservient to the PSCF Constitution; any contradiction between these By-Laws and the PSCF Constitution shall be decided in favor of the PSCF Constitution. If the PSCF directs, the PASC may also be assigned responsibility for "Junior" events, where the participants are below a specific age (usually 21 or below), but may be high school graduates.

Article III - Mission

The mission of PASC is to:

  1. Promote Scholastic chess in Pennsylvania via resources and media attention.

  2. Promote the benefits of Scholastic chess in Pennsylvania.

  3. Augment the benefits of Scholastic chess in Pennsylvania.

  4. Provide a fair and open set of Scholastic chess competitions for Pennsylvania, including all official PSCF scholastic championships.

  5. Provide an open forum for Pennsylvania Scholastic chess issues.

  6. Coordinate Pennsylvania Scholastic Chess resources.

Article IV - The PSCF Scholastic Chess Coordinator

Section A - Appointment

The President of the PSCF shall appoint a PSCF Scholastic Chess Coordinator (PSCC), whose serves until the PSCC resigns or is replaced by the appointment of a new PSCC.

Section B - Authority

The PSCC is responsible for maintaining and implementing PASC policy. Except for issues involving the PSCF budget, the PSCC shall have the final authority for deciding PASC policy.

Section C - Responsibility

The PSCC shall:

  1. Work with the PSCF President to see that PASC activities are planned and implemented in a timely manner.

  2. Appoint a representative PASC Advisory Committee ("Committee") to discuss PASC issues and make recommendations on PASC activities and policies. The PSCC shall nominally chair this Committee and make the final decision on all PASC policies. PASC policies shall be kept in writing and shall be available to any PSCF member on request.

    (Note: A stated policy example is "The PASC shall hold annual team and individual state scholastic championships. These championships shall be USCF-rated events open at least to any PSCF scholastic member and shall be held on a weekend between September and May, inclusive...". Another example of a policy would state a method for determining where the annual scholastic championships are held, who is organizing the tournament(s), etc.)

  3. Work with the PSCF President and PSCF Treasurer on any PASC budget requirements. Budget considerations shall include both the internal budget of an activity and the annual PSCF budget. The PSCC may work with the PSCF Treasurer to appoint a PASC member to assist the PSCF Treasurer in scholastic treasury functions. PASC members should be reimbursed for PSCF-approved budgeted and receipted materials and activities performed for the PASC. The PASC must follow PSCF not-for-profit guidelines.

  4. Be responsible for coordinating PASC publicity. This does not preclude any PSCF member from generating publicity favorable to PASC, even if the PSCC is not aware of such publicity.

  5. Work towards any other activities and services which augment the PASC mission.

Article V - The Regional Coordinators

Section A - Appointment

The PSCC has the right to appoint up to 4 PASC Regional Coordinators (usually Philadelphia area, Pittsburgh area, and two other large divisions) to handle local PASC activities, etc.

Section B - Authority

Regional Coordinators shall help coordinate regional PASC events within their geographical jurisdiction.

Section C - Responsibility

The Regional Coordinators shall work with members of the local scholastic chess community to support the PASC Mission. The Coordinators shall also be part of the Committee.

Article VI - The PASC Advisory Committee

Section A - Appointment

The Committee is appointed by the PSCC. There shall be a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 members. At a minimum there shall be at least one member from each of the following three regions: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, outside the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia areas. There shall also be at least one member representing a school, a club, and one parent who is not directly involved with a school or club. An experienced high school player may also be part of the Committee. The PSCC shall appoint one member to be the Committee Secretary (see VI.C.II for duties).

Section B - Authority

The Committee is the primary representative body for suggesting policy to the PSCC and providing support for PASC missions, such as activities, publicity, etc.

Section C - Responsibility

  1. The Committee shall provide input in the form of recommendations and discussion to the PSCC for policies involving PASC activities. Committee members should strive to make these recommendations based primarily on what is fair and beneficial for all of PASC and not necessarily just their constituency.

  2. The Committee Secretary shall keep track of Committee discussions. The Secretary shall also keep the official copy all PASC policies and shall disseminate all new/changes in policy to the Committee and the PSCF President. The Secretary shall also arrange to post these policies to the official PSCF website.

  3. The Committee may recommend that the PSCF President replace the PSCC if the PSCC consistently ignores the majority/consensus suggestions of the Committee and/or repeatedly and arbitrarily changes major policies without Committee consultation.

    (Note: the PSCC should be able to change the policies without consulting the Committee on matters of making policy conform to US, Pennsylvania, or local laws, as well as USCF and PSCF Constitutions, By-Laws, and rules, or other minor changes. In all cases the Committee Secretary shall notify the Committee about these changes.)

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