June 2008 Pennsylvania Regular Rated Top 100 Girls Under Age 13

1Moolten, Odette111455
2Regam, Jessica111352
3St Clare, Sydney121289
4Huang, Caroline91096
5Hong, Jocelyn121007
6Moolten, Shira S8 989
7Conroy, Elizabeth M12 906
8Zhang, Jenny12 855
9Zhang, Victoria Y12 807
10Wake, Raven12 771
11Mc Laughlin, Sonya11 687
12Majeske, Devi11 673
13Friedman, Sanjana9 643
14Lee, Sylvie10 617
15Loomis, Zoe M9 572
16Loudon, Lainey12 490
17Narayanan, Anandhini11 489
18Leibowitz, Ellen12 478
19Samanthapudi, Keerthana10 478
20Hutton, Casey11 472
21Aravind, Deepthi P10 448
22Marconi, Abigail9 427
23Rorer, Zanae D9 225
24De Michele, Siarra8 178
25Cugini, Mary10 176
26Barber, Alexandra R11 174
Players with established ratings
who were active in the last 365 days.
Ages as of June 1, 2008.
Ratings include the June 2008 supplement.

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