2007 Pennsylvania State Scholastic Championships

K to 6 Open


#NameGradeSchoolClubRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5ScorePrize
1Balter, Danny5WNTHS1618W20W9W2D4W541st Place & PA Elementary Champion
2Molin, Ben51414W24W16L1W9W442nd Place & PA 5th Grade Champion
3Lakata, David A6MRRYSHVS1265W26L4W14W10W843rd Place & PA 6th Grade Champion
4Mo, Kevin61575W11W3W8D1L234th Place
5Lobo, Kunal S51502W27D7W15W6L135th Place
6Rong, Jesse51132D14W22W7L5W1236th Place
7Xu, Yuhao6MYC1128W25D5L6W17W1537th Place
8Moolten, Odette41408W12W10L4W13L338th Place & PA 4th Grade Co-Champion
9O'Brien, Daniel G6ACC1236W28L1W11L2W2039th Place
10Regam, Jessica4 872W18L8W19L3W16310th Place & PA 4th Grade Co-Champion
11Shah, Rohan C5MNR1009L4W28L9W18W2131st Place U1100
12Patel, Krishna4MNR 960L8W23W25W15L63PA 4th Grade Co-Champion
13Ma, Andrew S6ACC 869W21L15W16L8W1931st Place U900
14Friedman, Vijay5 825D6W18L3L19W172
15Denduluri, Praneeth61346W17W13L5L12L72
16Hull, Tristan5WNTHS1058W23L2L13W22L102
17Keith, Austin D6 946L15W20W21L7L142
18Unice, Connor M51189L10L14W22L11W272
19Melvin, Mark H41115L22W26L10W14L132
20Kovacs, Joseph M5MRRYSHVS1037L1L17W26W23L92
21Goldstein, Noah3WNTHS1180L13W24L17W25L112
22Harmatz, I Mitchell5MRRYSHVS 625W19L6L18L16W262
23Woskob, Alexander5UnrL16L12W27L20W2521st Place Unrated
24Dibble, Patrick S6 972L2L21D28L27B-1
25Regam, Jay4 791L7W27L12L21L231
26Lurie, Julian M6 929L3L19L20B-L221
27Rosenn, Blake S5MRRYSHVS 991L5L25L23W24L181
28Hodawadekar, Suyash5MYC 873L9L11D24H-U-1

School Teams

ScoreSchool CodeSchool NamePrize
9MRRYSMurray Avenue School1st Place
8WNTHSWinchester Thurston School2nd Place

Club Teams

ScoreClub CodeClub NamePrize
9HVSHuntingdon Valley Chess Society Juniors1st Place
6MNRMonroeville Chess Club
6ACCAllentown Center City Chess Club2nd Place
4MYCMontgomery Youth Chess Club

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