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#NameSectionRatingTeamProblemsByes Requested in RoundsSchedule
1Aravind, SudarshanPremier1269 Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
2Autade, ShouryaScholasticUnr      
3Bello, Joseph E SrChampionship1700 Collect Fees. Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
4Bravo, Benjamin MPremier1506PITTNeeds PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
5Dutta, AaditPremier 814      
6Eidemiller, Mark BChampionship2240 Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
7Faulk, WilliamChampionship1741 Collect Fees. Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
8Garg, RyanPremier1184   4  
9Gilla, Akshaj SScholastic 590 Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
10Gilla, Ashvath SScholastic 536      
11Gupta, AanushScholasticUnr      
12Hartsell, LoganScholasticUnrBADEN     
13Hathaway, James RPremierUnrPITTNeeds PSCF Membership: $5/year. 4  
14Hauser, ArianScholasticUnrBADENNeeds PSCF Membership: $5/year. Needs USCF Membership: $17/year.    
15Hazlett, BenjaminScholasticUnrBADEN     
16Hoffman, Elizabeth TScholastic 842HFFMN     
17Hoffman, NicholasScholastic 585HFFMN     
18Hoffman, WilliamScholastic 716HFFMN     
19Hoffman, William FPremier1352HFFMN     
20Huang, HansiScholastic 164      
21Hustead, JohannahScholasticUnr      
22Johnson, LiamScholasticUnr      
23Kadam, ParinScholasticUnr      
24Kairi, ArjunPremier1240      
25Kairi, LipiScholastic 545      
26Kronenwetter, JamesScholasticUnrBADEN     
27Laney, BrextonChampionship1551      
28Legg, Peyton MChampionship1793      
29Lin, Benjamin GChampionship1988PCCCollect Fees.    
30Opaska, Michael PChampionship2053PITTCollect Fees. Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
31Parekh, MeeitScholasticUnr Collect Fees. Needs USCF Membership. Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
32Park, Evan SChampionship2446PITTCollect Fees.    
33Pleso, Joseph FPremier1500PITT     
34Ramos, LangstonScholasticUnr      
35Rawson, Gary LPremier1002FLWPN     
36Renk, Robert MChampionship2059PITT     
37Ross, Daniel FPremier1573 Collect Fees.    
38Rumpf, Michael PPremier1478 Refund $5.    
39Samanta, AayanshChampionship1521      
40Sharma, TanishqScholastic 710 Collect Fees. Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
41Tang, LydiaChampionship1861      
42Tomsic, Albert L JrPremier1464 Collect Fees. Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
43Xin, KyleScholastic 366 Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
44Xin, VickScholastic 566 Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    

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