#NameRatingTeamProblemsByes Requested in RoundsSchedule
1Patel, Kian1977CMU     
2Opaska, Michael P1930PITTACollect Fees. Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
3Pius, Kebish1909 Collect Fees. Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
4Wang, Chloe H1891      
5Lin, Benjamin G1805PITTA     
6Srikantia, Sri1800      
7Zhang, Evan W1769CMUNeeds USCF Membership: $24/year.    
8Rossi, Dylan1734CMU     
9Liu, Jason1729      
10Bello, Joseph E Sr1700 Collect Fees. Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
11Tang, Lydia1679 Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
12Gudigundla, Sai1678      
13Timmons, Sam1676      
14Davuluri, Risheeth1675PITTANeeds PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
15Liu, Jonathan S1662CMU     
16Huang, Michael1605 Needs PSCF Membership: $5/year.    
17Miller, Parker O1371PITTANeeds PSCF Membership: $5/year.    

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