August 2022 Pennsylvania Regular Rated Top 100 Ages 9 & 10

1Li, Mason J91728
2Muthu, Kamatchi91423
3Liu, Enmon101281
4Chen, Jacob M91238
5Hujic, Adrian101222
6Goldberg, Peter W91197
7Melnikov, David101073
8Li, Austin9 964
9Prentice, Cooper J9 953
10Venkatesh, Ishaan10 906
11Ai, Ruoming10 871
12Ryerson, Olivia10 816
13Ryerson, Christian10 776
14Wang, Ethan Y10 685
15Zhang, Vivian10 672
16Ramamurthy, Avaneesh10 647
17Julkipli, Azim A9 622
18Ready, Isabella10 619
19Goldovsky, Kristina10 548
20Konda, Ratna10 521
21Gillman, Hugo10 448
22Rao, Aakash D9 418
23Wang, Ethan10 283
Players with established ratings
who were active in the last 365 days.
Ages as of August 1, 2022.
Ratings include the August 2022 supplement.

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