2018 Minutes of the PSCF Annual Meeting

The Business Meeting was held on October 14, 2018, at 9:30 AM.


Everyone has been re-elected with the following exceptions:

Vice President East: Peter Minear
Central Scholastic Coordinator (new position): Leteef Street
Vice President Central: We are looking for a candidate. It appears that George Daubert will accept.

Senior representative to Nationals

The State Championship the previous year will determine the representative from Pennsylvania to the national championship, held at the U.S. Open. The top finisher in the open section will be the representative. If he/she refuses, the next highest finisher will qualify. Should the top five finishers all refuse, then the January rating list of the top age 50+ Pennsylvania players will be used.

Financial support for the top scholastic finishers at the State Scholastic Championship

The profits from the last ten years of the tournament will be used to determine how much money will be awarded to the top students and teams at the State Scholastic Championship. These scholarships will be awarded at the prize ceremony of the tournament.

By Joseph J. Mucerino, Jr.
PSCF Secretary

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