December 2007 Pennsylvania Regular Rated Top 100 Ages 8 & Under

1Yang, Christopher X81476
2Zhang, Alexander81317
3Budejen-Jerez, Alejandro81108
4Huang, Caroline81054
5Moolten, Shira S8 998
6Chen, David8 906
7Hull, Nathaniel A8 817
8Liu, Patrick D8 760
9Yang, Tom8 749
10Lian, Jordan C8 697
11Mustian, Nikolas8 675
12Zeelander, Zachary8 665
13Zhang, Eric8 652
14Qiang, Steven7 642
15Friedman, Sanjana8 602
16Groetsch, David M8 578
17Bhatt, Anand5 457
18Li, Frank7 406
19Francisco, Miguel8 341
20Marconi, Abigail8 254
Players with established ratings
who were active in the last 365 days.
Ages as of December 1, 2007.
Ratings include the December 2007 supplement.

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